I UK [kɑːst] / US [kæst] verb
Word forms "cast":
present tense I/you/we/they cast he/she/it casts present participle casting past tense cast past participle cast
a) [transitive] to choose a performer for a particular part or for a particular type of part in a film, play etc

Ralph Fiennes was cast in the lead role of King Richard.

cast someone as something:

She was tired of always being cast as a sex symbol.

b) to choose all the performers for a film, play etc
2) [transitive] to describe someone or something as belonging to a particular type
cast someone as something:

From his earliest days on the team he was cast as a troublemaker.

3) [transitive] to look at someone or something in a particular way
cast a look/glance:

She cast an impatient look at Mitch and stormed out of the room.

cast an eye over/cast your eyes over:

Harry cast his eyes over the bewildering array of instruments on the control panel.

4) [transitive] mainly literary to make light or a shadow appear in a particular place
5) [transitive] literary to throw someone or something somewhere
a) [intransitive/transitive] to swing a fishing rod forwards so that the end of the line falls into the water
b) to throw a fishing net into the water
7) [transitive] to form an object by pouring liquid metal or liquid plastic into a mould

The Rodin sculptures are cast in bronze.

8) [transitive] to make a horoscope in order to say what will happen in the future, by calculating the positions of stars and planets
9) [transitive] if a snake casts its skin, it slides out of it

cast (new/fresh) light on something — to provide information that helps people understand something more clearly

Human genome research is casting new light on Alzheimer's disease.

cast a spell on/over someone — to use magic to make something happen to someone; to have a strong emotional effect on someone

Stonehenge never fails to cast a spell over the traveller.

Phrasal verbs:
II UK [kɑːst] / US [kæst] noun
Word forms "cast":
singular cast plural casts
1) [countable] all the performers in a film, play etc

An all-star cast includes Michael Douglas as the US President.

cast of:

The play has a cast of four.

She was a member of the cast of The Sound of Music for years.

2) [countable] a hard cover for protecting a broken or injured part of the body, such as an arm or leg, while it is getting better

Sheila broke her arm skiing and had to wear a cast.

a) [countable] an object formed into a particular shape by pouring a liquid into a mould, allowing the liquid to become hard, and then removing the mould

The museum's study hall has casts of many Greek statues.

b) a mould used to form a particular shape
a) [singular] British a particular type of something, especially someone's mind, face, or features
cast of mind:

men of a military cast of mind

b) the particular way that something looks, especially if it is only slightly noticeable

His face had a slightly greenish cast.

5) [countable] the action of swinging a fishing line or net into the water

English dictionary. 2014.

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